We support

The European-Vanuatu Foundation’s support projects, actions, programs which are favorable to the people of Vanuatu regarding health, education, arts, sustainable development and agriculture.


Lamlu (Tanna) Clinic

Medications donations and a gynecological examination table, a mattress for medical bed, a medical armchair, a wheelchair (august 2017).

Doctor Mark equipment donation (June 2017), Gaua Island

An apparatus for blood pressure and respiration monitoring.

Vanuatu Private Hospital

On December 1st, 2014, The European Vanuatu Foundation widely contributed to the opening of a hospital in Port Vila (Vanuatu’s capital): VPH (Vanuatu Private Hospital).

Vanuatu Medical Laboratory

The European Vanuatu Foundation acquiered and finances Vanuatu Medical Laboratory.

Home Call Doctor

The European Vanuatu Foundation funded the implementation of On-call Doctors service.

Paul Gardissat's Collection

The European-Vanuatu Foundation has bought a large part of the «Paul Gardissat Collection» in order to rent it for shows and present the treasures of Vanuatu and its people.

The Dixon Reef Plantation

The European-Vanuatu Foundation funds and develops a research center, Dixon Reef, in order to develop new techniques for fermenting, drying and conditioning copra, cocoa beans and various agricultural products.

Public Port Vila hospital donation

1 apparatus for electrocardiogram, 3 respirators, 3 monitors, 1 electrical syringe pump, 6 armchairs, 2 surgical lamps.